Audience Response Systems

There are two supported audience response systems on campus: Poll Everywhere and eInstruction. Faculty who wish to use one of these audience response systems in their class should contact Kevin Abbott at (574) 631-8707 ( or stop by his office in room 350 DeBartolo Hall for a demonstration. Kevin works closely with members of the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning to advise faculty on proven practices for integrating technology with pedagogy.

Poll Everywhere is a simple text message voting application that works well for live audiences. The presenter creates a poll with Poll Everywhere's online poll editor, and the audience casts votes by sending text messages through a cell phone, smart phone, or by computer to Poll Everywhere’s short code number (99503) indicating the option they wish to select. A voter’s mobile carrier (e.g., Sprint, Verizon, AT&T) then routes their text message to Poll Everywhere’s web servers, where the vote is counted and the voting results updated live. A Poll Everywhere poll can be viewed online, published to PowerPoint, or viewed as a web page. The only limitation is whether your classroom has a strong enough cell phone signal for your students. Kevin can work with you to make that determination. The only cost to students is if they do not have a cell phone with unlimited text messaging and would have to purchase a plan or pay by the text message. The cost per a message varies by carrier, but is usually between $.05 and $.15 per text message. There would be no cost if the student already had text messaging or was able to use a laptop or the Web browser on a smart phone.

eInstruction uses physical clicker devices to respond to questions. Faculty who choose to use eInstruction will be provided a receiver which simply plugs into the instructor's laptop via a USB port to receive the student clicker responses. Faculty will need to load the eInstruction software on their laptop. Kevin can work with you to set up your laptop and your eInstruction class. Students purchase their "clickers" at the Notre Dame Bookstore, and are responsible for bringing them to class. The clickers cost $22 each, and students must register them online at eInstruction for $15 per semester before they can use them in class. Faculty should contact Bob Thomson at the Bookstore at (574) 631-8235 or by email to to arrange for eInstruction clickers to be ordered for a class.