Academic Digital Media Services

We provide a variety of recording and production services for academic lectures and academic events. These include:

  • Audio and video recording services
  • Audio and video editing and duplication services
  • Live streaming: delivery of multimedia content live over the Internet
  • Video-on-demand: delivery of multimedia content via the internet.

Contact Digital Media Services for a detailed estimate prior to your event.

Hourly Rates

Audio and Video Recording
(Contact Media Services for a quote on multi-camera productions)

$75 per hour* Normal Business hours

$112.50 per hour Nights & Weekends***

Audio and Video Editing $75 per hour*

          DVD Master
          (Contact Media Services for a quote on duplication services)

$15 each
          Digital File $40 each
          On-Demand Streaming File $40 each
Live Streaming***

$150 for the first hour - $75 per hour for 2nd and subsequential hours

 * There is a twof-hour minimum charge on all hourly rates with first hour charge of $150
** In addition to standard recording rates
*** Night and weekend rate applies: 6pm-midnight (Monday-Thursday) Weekends are 6pm Friday-8am Monday inclusive

Digital Media Services Contact Information

Traig Foltz

Claude DeVaney

Drop off or pick up media at the Learning Spaces office located at 115 DeBartolo Hall.