OIT Divisions

The divisions within OIT are organized to provide high-quality, reliable IT services to Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates.  

Campus Technology Services

CTS provides the connecting layers, services, and support for many campus applications and system, including managing central platforms and operating systems, databases, applications, emails, digital signs, and identity and access management services. 

Customer IT Solutions

CITS helps customers to better understand their business processes, define requirements, define test scenarios and success criteria, and scope project work.  It provides enterprise-wide solutions, departmental teaching, research and scholarship and administrative applications, and dedicated, co-located support for discipline-specific solutions.

Digital Product Access & Dissemination

Digital product access and dissemination works closely with the Hesburgh Library and University Archives to develop a strategy to maintain the digital assets of Notre Dame.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services is responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the underlying technical infrastructure used to deliver the services used by the University. The four departments under Infrastructure Services support the physical and virtual environment, communications infrastructure, storage and backup, and physical IT facilities as well as the processes required to ensure a reliable and stable infrastructure.

IT Administration

IT Administration provides centralized management of the Office of Information Technologies' budgetary, purchasing and human resources functions. This includes oversight, management, and strategic planning of the OIT's fiscal and human resources.

IT Service Delivery

IT Service Delivery is responsible for providing many of the cross-functional IT services that cut across traditional organizational lines.  These include information security & compliance, IT architecture, project management, data governance, metrics, and strategic planning.

ND Studios

Notre Dame Studios enables campus video production units to realize their creative vision for live and recorded story-telling. Notre Dame Studios will also support the operation of an academic media innovation center to showcase new and emerging media technologies.

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) specializes in the design of technology-enhanced learning spaces in academic and administrative units.

User Services

User Services is often the first experience many people have with the OIT by providing information, support, training, or help with technology at Notre Dame.