Let Your Skills Bloom with OIT Training Classes

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

OIT Training

Now is the perfect time to let your skills bloom to a whole new level. OIT offers all levels of classes in many of the most popular topics in April. It’s your chance to brush up on skills you haven’t used for a while or add some new ones to your list. 

Google classes 

  • Learn to use Google Drive’s features in Google Drive, Level I: Introduction to Drive; Google Drive, Level II: More Drive Features, and Google Drive, Level II: Shared Drives
  • Find out more about Google’s productivity apps in Google Drive, Level I: Working in Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Learn to use Google’s new Groups interface in Google Groups

Media & Design classes

  • Manipulate, touch up photos and learn to work with layers and colors in Photoshop
  • Learn the basics of InDesign or dive in deeper with Tips & Tricks or Tables, Calendars & Grids

Spreadsheet classes

  • Learn the magic of spreadsheets in the Introduction class or the Formulas & Functions class. Both classes cover the basics of spreadsheets in Excel and Sheets.
  • Take a step deeper into data analysis with classes in Excel or Google Sheets on Macros Introduction and Pivot Tables 
  • Dig even deeper with the new Sheets classes: Intermediate Functions, Query Function and RegEx Functions

Other popular classes

  • Edit and create video with Adobe’s user-friendly editing tool Rush
  • Design posters, web pages and videos quickly and easily in Adobe Spark
  • Gather and process complex data with Qualtrics Forms
  • Discover ways to illustrate your data in Tableau Introduction
  • Interested in ND data? Try our Data Governance Bootcamp or dataND: Introduction

OIT quick sessions

Don’t have much time for training? Try our 30-minute Time-Out for Tech sessions.

  • Guiding Principles for Access to Data—Find out who can get access to what data here at Notre Dame
  • I Know Your Password—Learn some simple steps to protect your passwords
  • Filters in Photoshop—Filters can make you look younger, can posterize and add fun effects to your photos if you know how to use them right 

You can find a calendar of spring classes plus information about Time-Out for Tech at oit.nd.edu/training.

Not sure if a class is right for you? Feel free to contact 574-631-7227 or training@nd.edu