Top Tips When Using Okta

Author: Lenette Votava

Okta Login On Laptop

Okta is the new two step login service at Notre Dame. Here are some valuable tips to help you set your Okta login preferences and maintain your new Okta account:

  • Set up at least two devices/methods in your Okta account in case something happens to the primary device you use to complete the two step login process. The OIT recommends setting up the Okta Verify mobile app, and at least one other option. Instructions are available in this knowledgebase article.
  • If you get a new phone or tablet, the Okta Verify app must be able to recognize the new device. Just login to your Okta account and reset the connection to the new device. See this knowledgebase article for instructions.
  • Switch to a different device/method to complete the two step process. If you want to change to a different device/method, you can do so by clicking on the down triangle by the Okta logo after you enter your NetID and password. Then select the preferred device to complete the process.
  • Set Okta to remember your device for 30 days. Just click the checkbox that states: Do not challenge me on this device for the next 30 days. (Do not check this box on any public device.)
  • Change your password at any time. The password must be a minimum of 16 characters. Instructions are available in this knowledgebase article.

If you have additional questions about Okta or have problems logging in, please contact your departmental IT support staff, or the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, or chat online at: