Vulnerability Exposes Home Routers

Author: Cassie McCan

Vulnerability Exposes Home Routers

Security experts recently reported that the routers used for Internet access at home could be in danger. A hardware component inside the router itself can be attacked, allowing cyber criminals to control your Internet access.

This security vulnerability may have an impact on hybrid and remote workers’ home routers.

Here is what you can do to protect your home network:

  1. Locate your router and check the name of the manufacturer and the model number. This information is usually printed on a label attached to the bottom of your router
  2. Use the Appendix section at the bottom of this webpage confirm if your router is affected:
  3. If you find your router's manufacturer and model number on the list, you will want to make sure your router’s firmware is up to date
    1. For more information on updating your router firmware, visit this article:

For more technical information about this vulnerability, please refer to this article: Realtek SDK Vulnerability Exposes Routers From Many Vendors to Remote Attacks