Notre Dame's Cloud Solution Lifecycle

The Cloud First project team continues to develop and publish a set of documentation, best practices, and standards as they grow Notre Dame's cloud presence.  To help anyone at Notre Dame make use of the cloud, the team follows a framework for the cloud solution lifecycle.  

The documents in this framework are available to anyone with a Notre Dame NetID.

Notre Dame and AWS (Background and Guidance)



Explore, Enquire, Request

OIT consultants will work with University partners to better understand their business needs and to explore opportunities for deploying solutions to the cloud.

Authorize (AWS Accounts)

We will assist with the creation of select AWS accounts.  These accounts will facilitate billing for deployed services and in consultation with OIT engineers will be configured for all required access and technical privileges.

Assess, Design, & Specify

Our analysts will advise University partners in collecting and evaluating both functional and technical requirements for proposed solutions.  They will help to ensure technical specifications are clear and that solutions deployed to AWS are designed for efficient and reliable operation in the environment.

Build and Launch Compute Resources

OIT engineers will assist University partners in configuring and launching virtual servers and other resources in the AWS environment.  We will promote adherence to established configuration and security standards, which we have learned increase operational integrity and reliability.  In time, we will make available automation tools which will ensure consistent builds and dramatically streamline the configuration process.

Configure Applications for Use

Whether purchased commercially or tightly bound to local specifications, applications require set-up for specific usage.  We will assist with configuring applications for reliable function and consistent operation.

Maintain and Manage Your Solution

Maintain and manage your AWS environment following Notre Dame best practices and general guidance.

Retire Resources (Solution End of Life)

At some point, all solutions run their course and reach an end of life.  Here, University partners will find information (and assistance if needed) in terminating resources within the AWS environment.