Campus Technology Services

Campus Technology Services includes five major areas:

Application Services

The Application Services team provides application support services for the complete lifecycle of enterprise and specialized departmental applications. Their portfolio includes Sharepoint, Citrix, and the campus Banner ERP and as well as a diverse list of campus applications.

Communication Services

The Communications Services team manages and supports the University’s central email systems, as well as mailing lists, anti-spam and reputation technologies. In addition, they deploy and support digital signage and Comcast cable.

Database Services

The Database Services team is responsible for providing Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and related database services to the OIT and our campus partners. They also provide specialized knowledge and skills related to Banner ERP systems and platforms.

Digital Document Management Services

The Digital Document Management Group, at Notre Dame, specializes in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) related services and solutions that address the entire lifecycle of content – capture, process, retrieve, manage and archive – by utilizing a combination of process engineering solutions as well as technology solutions.

Identity and Access Management Services

The identity and access management team provides core infrastructure and services that support authentication and authorization, identity and user lifecycle management, directory services, and related technologies, processes, and procedures.

Platform Services

The Platform Services team provides central platform and operating system services to campus. Their responsibilities include management and support of Windows, Linux, and MacOS servers and hardware hosted in the OIT’s data centers, as well as MacOS and Windows desktop platform management and central administration for campus.