Customer Enterprise Solutions

HR, Provost, Finance, and Student Solutions

CES will partner with our HR, Provost, Finance, and Student areas to provide IT services, primarily through the use of Ellucian Banner and applications integrated with Banner, to meet their business needs.  CES will strive to provide reliable IT services by completing upgrades as required, monitoring performance and providing operational support, and implementing new services to support the business needs of our campus partners and integrating them with existing services.


Increasingly, data is becoming just as important to the University as the transactional systems that enable the University to run effectively and efficiently.  The dataND program strives to turn this data into informational insight that can be used to create a data informed culture at Notre Dame, thereby continuing to improve decision making.  Through dataND, the team creates the underlying data structures that allow us to integrate data, data governance that will allow us to define data terms in a consistent manner, and the portal which will allow users to use this information in an intuitive and easy to use manner.


The University continually strives to build its brand across the world and one way to make that happen is through the building and cultivation of relationships with its constituents.  To do that more effectively, the University has standardized on the Salesforce CRM solution.  This solution allows the University to identify new constituents, build marketing campaigns to engage with them more fully, and to track the interactions with these constituents.  The end goal of the crmND team is to build a chief marketing officer (CMO) type of function that coordinates outreach efforts across campus, measures effectiveness, and ultimately helps foster better relationships with its constituents, so as to build the Notre Dame brand name.


Particularly with the addition of event spaces across campus and the formation of the VenueND team, the management of event space across campus has become a larger focus for the University.  The eventND team partners with the different groups across campus that provide event services to provide them a standard IT platform that allows them to market, sell, plan for and manage events across campus.

Enterprise Integration Services

Enterprise Integration Services provides the “glue” that integrates the different applications and data across campus.  Regardless of the different enterprise solutions used across campus, the goal of this group is to make the integration of data seamless to the users, so that they do not have to be concerned about where the data is coming from or what application they are using; their focus should only be on having the right data, at the right time, in the right application.