IT Service Delivery

The IT Service Delivery group is divided into the following functional areas:

Data Governance

Data governance is responsible for the consistent definition, administration and use of data and information assets across the university.  Data governance collaborates with stakeholders and stewards across the academy and administration to create consistent definitions of terms and to ensure and encourage appropriate transparency and sharing of University information.

Together, these areas provide a framework to successfully manage core enterprise services for the University, to ensure the OIT partners with campus, and to measure how well the OIT delivers services to campus.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is responsible for translating the University’s vision and strategy into effective technology service solutions.  The architecture team collaborates with the academy, administrators, students, and technologists to leverage core capabilities to ensure the reliability, interoperability, scalability and efficiency of technology services.

Information Security and Compliance

The Information Security and Compliance team provides IT security services, incident response, consultation, risk analysis and assessments, campus outreach and education, and evaluation and coordination of all compliance activities on campus.

Learning Platforms

The Learning Platforms teams work closely with faculty and other members of the academy to provide the right technology solutions to meet their teaching and learning needs.

Product Services

Product management represents the intersection of technology, University, and our users. Key enterprise-wide services such as email and cloud collaboration tools are managed through the entire product lifecycle from adoption to training, support, and replacement.

Project Management Office

Through portfolio and project management, the Project Management Office (PMO) provides the framework for the planning, creation, and deployment of Notre Dame's evolving technologies and solutions.