OIT: University Enabling Technology Services

We provide secure, reliable, and efficient technologies that enable our partners to advance the University’s mission.

Cloud Platform Services

The Cloud Platform Services team provides planning, design, automation and management for cloud and on-premises infrastructure, including servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery services.  They are responsible for all AWS Services, Windows and Linux administration, and balancing performance, quality and cost across the range of services they support.

Database Services

The Database Services team is responsible for providing Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Postgres database services in the cloud and on-premises environments to the OIT and our campus partners. They also provide specialized knowledge and skills related to maintaining the Banner ERP systems and platforms.

Service and Platform Management

The Service and Platform Management team provides platform and application support services for the complete lifecycle of managed products, enterprise applications and specialized departmental applications. Their portfolio includes managed products (Google, Zoom, etc.), application development platforms, application virtualization as well as a diverse list of campus applications.

Identity and Access Management Services

The identity and access management team provides centralized services that support enterprise authentication and authorization, identity and user lifecycle management, directory services, and related technologies, processes, and procedures.

Enterprise Integration Services

The Enterprise Integration Services team provides planning, design, automation and management for application integration services that enable our academic, research and business systems to effectively share enterprise information using standard business rules.