Tools for Hybrid Work

Work environments are changing. Some people have come back to campus fully and others split their time between working remotely and in their campus office. No matter what a person's work arrangement is, everyone will have to adjust to a new way of working together.  Listed below are a collection of links from different OIT sources that may help ease the transition of moving to a campus with hybrid work arrangements.

Work Life

Remote Work Lessons for the Office

This video discusses the good things we learned while working from home and how to apply them to our work back on campus.

Blended In-Person & Remote Meetings

Tips on how to hold meetings when some people are present in the same room and some are remote as well as how to set up conference rooms to host these meetings.

Tools for Working from Home 

Learn about the tools that are available to help you be more productive and to stay in touch, no matter where you or your co-workers are.


Zoom is ND’s official video and audio conferencing tool.

Other Zoom resources

  • Zoom Waiting Rooms
  • Creating Zoom Meetings for Others 
  • How to Safely Host a Public Zoom Meeting 
  • Make Yourself Look and Sound Good in Zoom 
  • Using Panopto to Share and Edit Zoom Recordings 

Software Tools


A cloud storage tool with many levels of permissions.

Other resources:

Cisco AnyConnect

This VPN allows you to connect to certain ND services, regardless of your location. 

Google Chat 

The recommended chat tool for campus; can be viewed within the Gmail app.

Google Productivity Suite

Docs, Sheets and Slides: Google’s word processing, spreadsheets and presentation apps accessed online for ease of collaboration.

Google Drive

 Cloud storage that allows you to access files from anywhere and makes collaboration simple.

Google Groups

Create and manage groups that can be used to collaborate between all the Google apps.


Access your work phone from a mobile device or a computer using this app.


A tool that lets you record, share, edit and live stream videos. All Zoom recordings are stored in Panopto.

Additional Training Classes

See the list of training classes and resources offered by OIT’s Technical Training team for the various applications used on campus.

Index of technical training classes and resources