Hybrid Meetings

Upgrading Your Conference Room

An effective hybrid meeting requires adequate AV technology to engage all participants - cameras, audio, and displays - and each space can have different needs. The OIT has developed a Good, Better, Best set of standards for departments to easily upgrade conference rooms.

For quick turnarounds or portable needs, Zoom Kits and Zoom Carts can enable nearly any space to work with Zoom. For more permanent upgrades, core standards are designed to provide consistent equipment and experiences across the University.

Using Zoom for Hybrid Meetings

In June 2021, Notre Dame Zoom expert Justin Howell presented tips on how to hold meetings when some people are present in the same room and some are remote as well as how to set up conference rooms to host these meetings.

Facilitating an Effective Hybrid Meeting

How can we make sure a hybrid meeting successfully engages all participants? We've compiled some resources to help you discover ways to keep your meetings useful and productive for everyone involved.