Working off campus requires care to be done securely. Follow these guidelines to keep Notre Dame, your work, and your devices safe.

Use your Notre Dame managed computer for work.

  • Your managed computer has multiple layers of security protections.
  • Do not allow family or friends to use your work computer.
  • If you must temporarily use a personal computer, use a secure configuration.

Make your home network more secure.

  • Your wifi password should be unique and long. Do not include names, addresses, or other easily guessed information.
  • Ask your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, AT&T, Frontier, etc.) for instructions to make these changes to your home internet:
    • Turn on your router’s built-in firewall.
    • Change the default router password to a new one.
    • Turn off the ability to log into the router from the Internet.
  • Learn more about securing your home network

Avoid working from public computers or WiFi.

If you must use public wifi, use the “no-split VPN” to channel all of your traffic through ND's network.

Watch out for USB thumb drives.

Unless you bought it new, don’t trust it and don't plug it in.

Be wary of phishing scams.

  • Independently verify suspicious requests or links with the sender.
  • Emailed job offers for part time work are a scam.