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Update on Zoom Upgrade

Author: Lenette Votava

On Monday, May 18, OIT system administrators pushed out the Zoom 5.0 client upgrade to all University-owned (managed) Windows and Mac computers that had not already installed it.

Effective Saturday, May 30, all managed and unmanaged computers must have the Zoom 5.0 client installed. A new encryption will be activated in Zoom version 5.0 and above for additional security. Any Zoom software older than Zoom 5.0 must be upgraded before you can join a meeting/class after May 30.…

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Revitalize Your IT Skills This Summer

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

Summer is a time when nature comes back to life again. It’s a season of revitalization and growth. And it’s the perfect time to revitalize your IT skills by attending OIT training classes.

You’ll find a variety of classes to help you grow, develop or revitalize skills in Google and Adobe Creative Cloud applications, as well as other valuable IT tools and services.

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