Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Halloween isn’t the only reason to celebrate in October! It’s also the time of year to take part in Cyber Security Awareness Month.

There are many steps to incorporate into your daily routine to ensure the safety of Notre Dame’s data as well as your personal information. In honor of this year’s theme, “Do Your Part. BeCyberSmart,” take a closer look at these best practices for basic online security.

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Improve Your Home Network Security

Author: Kolin Hodgson

As Notre Dame faculty and staff begin to return to campus, some may continue to work from home one or more days per week. When working remotely, it’s important to maintain appropriate safeguards for your home network to ensure the safety and security of Notre Dame data and your personal information.

Your University-owned computer should be your first choice when working from home. If this computer was purchased through the Campus Workstation Program (CWP), it is secure for home use and easy to maintain. Use this computer for your work activities only.

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Celebrate Identity Management Day

Author: Kolin Hodgson

The first annual Identity Management Day falls on Tuesday, April 13. Its purpose is to remind people about the importance of properly managing and securing their online identity.

What once was considered a “normal way of life” was turned topsy-turvy as a result of COVID-19. When workplaces and schools closed down, parents and kids stayed home all day. As a result, the home Internet became the primary connection to the outside world.…

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How Safe is Your Private Information?

Author: Kolin Hodgson

There are many things you can do to keep your home and family safe. Lock your exterior doors at night before you go to bed. And make sure the garage door is closed. Lock the car each time you leave it while shopping. Keep important documents in a safe.

But what about your personal information? Do you give it the same attention as you do your family and personal possessions? See how well you do by reviewing these important guidelines.…

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Phishing Scams Come in All Shapes & Sizes

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Not only is 2020 known as the year the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has also been a paramount year for phishing scams. According to the fourth quarter report of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, approximately 270,000 new phishing campaigns—where each campaign includes thousands of email messages—were reported worldwide in early 2020.…

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Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Is Your Home Network Secure?

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Not only is October the time for season change, but it is also time to celebrate CyberSecurity Awareness Month. Are you doing all you can to protect your personal information and manage your privacy online?

Let’s take a look at your home network. Many people—including whole families—continue to work, teach or learn from home. Depending on how many people in your household, your home network may be more heavily used than it ever has before the pandemic.…

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Coronavirus Tax Relief Payment Scams Abound

Author: Kolin Hodgson

The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act was passed by Congress and signed into law in March 2020. It authorized fast and direct monetary assistance to American taxpayers, businesses and local governments.

This economic relief package totaled $2.2 trillion, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is in the process of making $250 billion in payments to individual taxpayers. And of course, this large amount of money has attracted the attention of worldwide email scammers and con artists. They will attempt to steal these funds by any means possible.…

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Prevent Disruptions by Outsiders in Zoom Classes & Meetings

Author: Kolin Hodgson

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic requiring social distancing measures, Zoom conferencing services have increased substantially across higher education.

The uptick of online conferencing has also resulted in an increase of unscrupulous individuals finding ways into video conferences just to disrupt them. Once they’ve successfully joined the session, they may broadcast shocking imagery or use improper language for all participants to see and/or hear. It’s called Zoombombing.

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Working Safely From Home

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Under the current COVID-19 conditions, Notre Dame faculty and staff will be teaching and working away from campus. For some people, it will be their first experience working remotely. Here are some tips to help you work safely and efficiently from home.

  • Your Notre Dame computer should be your first choice for working from home. Contact your supervisor if you need a Notre Dame computer in order to work from home.

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IT Security Alert: Be Aware of COVID-19 Phishing Scams

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Not only has the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak caused a major global disruption, it has also created an opportunity for online scammers.

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) Information Security team reminds you that scammers are using phishing emails and social engineering to take advantage of this disruption. Email scams relating to COVID-19 may try to trick you by:

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Tips to Avoid Tax Fraud

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Tax season is upon us. It can be quite a chore to gather the appropriate information to file a 2019 tax return by the April 15 deadline. But you might want to file early and be on guard for tax time fraud scams.

To protect yourself against tax fraud, you may want to consider filing your taxes sooner than later. If you do, you beat scammers who are submitting phony returns and you buy yourself time to resolve any potential issues with the IRS.

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Safe Online Shopping

Author: Kolin Hodgson

During the 2018 holiday season, Americans spent $123-billion buying gifts online. With every purchase you make, you are giving your credit card number to yet another online retailer.

While you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping this holiday season, protect yourself by following these valuable tips for safer online shopping.  

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Peace of Mind Online

Author: Kolin Hodgson

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This annual event is designed to educate and empower people to use the Internet safely and securely. Take a closer look at this article with tips on how you can increase your online knowledge and safety.

Your online activity is an important part of your life each day. To minimize risks online at work and at home, here are some basic tips to help you stay secure.…

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