Accounts & Identity

Activate & Manage Your NetID Account

A Notre Dame NetID is automatically created for the most students, faculty, staff, and some affiliates at Notre Dame.  That NetID will never be reassigned or transferred to another person.  

Activate NetID

As of May 1, if you are new to the university, when your NetID (username) has been created you will receive an email to your personal email address with a link and instructions on how to activate your new account.  You will be required to set a password, a security question and enroll at least one device for two step authentication.  We recommend you complete the activation from a computer.  If you did not receive the activation email or you experience problems, contact the OIT Help Desk (574-631-8111).

Change My Password

If you haven't previously enrolled in Okta you will need to do that first.  You will then have the option to change your password.  As of May 1, any new password/passphrase must be at least 16 characters in length.  There are no additional complexity requirements.

Reset My Password Service

If you've enrolled in Okta, you can now reset your forgotten password following these instructions.  If you haven't yet enrolled in Okta,  please call the OIT Help Desk (574-631-8111) for assistance.

Guest Access

Request an Affiliate NetID

More information on NetID eligibility

Two Step Login With Duo

Note:  This service will be replaced by Okta on 7/29/19.

Everyone at Notre Dame uses two step login with their NetID to help protect their accounts, and the rest of Notre Dame.  You will need a device to do that "second step."  You can use any of the following types of devices:

  • Mobile phone
  • Desk phone
  • Home phone
  • Tablet
  • Keyfob (must be purchased from the OIT)

The OIT strongly encourages you to configure at least 2 devices to be your second step so that if one of those devices becomes unavailable, you have the other to allow you to login.  If you lose, break, or forgot your device, and you can't login, please call the OIT at 574-631-8111.

Setup or Modify My Two Step Login

More information about Two Step Login


In late July we will change to a new Identity and Access Management service called Okta. As of 4/2/19 individuals are encouraged to enroll in Okta to prepare for the July transition. At that time Okta will replace the current Two Step Login service.

Enroll in Okta

More information about Okta

Group Management

Request an enterprise group

Manage your enterprise group

Other Account Resources & Information

Request a Departmental/Organization Account

Change Ownership of a Departmental/Organization Account

Departmental/Organization Accounts for Student Groups

Immediate Computer Access Suspension Request

More Information About NetIDs and Accounts

Account Policies & Standards

Keep your password secret from family, friends, and even the OIT Help Desk. Remember, anyone with your NetID and password can read your email, view and change personal information and settings, and access any sensitive data on your computer. Keep personal and University information safe by not sharing your password with anyone. See the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy for details. 

In addition to the Responsible Use Policy, everyone is also required to follow the NetID Access to IT Resources policy. NetIDs and email addresses may only be changed under certain circumstances.