Okta Account Services and Two Step Login

Login and two step authentication is now being done by Okta!

We recommend you keep Duo installed on your mobile device as some services (including Amazon, your bank, etc.) may still use it.


Logging into your Notre Dame account with Okta

You will access services by the same URL or link as you always have, but the login screen will look different.  The background will be a blue sky with the golden dome appearing on the right hand side. Enter your NetID and password at this screen. You will likely be required to respond to two step authentication to complete the login process.

If you have enrolled and want to change the devices you selected or see how two step login will look using Okta, visit https://okta.nd.edu and login with your username (NetID) and password.  If you've previously enrolled you'll be prompted to complete two step authentication. Be sure you have at least one of your selected devices with you when you login to complete the Okta two step login process. Once you have successfully logged in to your account, click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Settings.  You can then review and update any settings you wish to add or change.

The video below demonstrates logging on using Okta Verify for two step login.


If you still need to enroll:

What you need:  Your computer and your phone/tablet

  1. From a computer (not your phone or tablet), visit https://okta.nd.edu and login with your username (NetID) and current password and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Enroll your two step login factors. 
    • We recommend you choose the Okta Verify app for your smartphone or tablet for your extra verification option.
    • Setup at least one backup extra verification option such as text message code or voice call.
    • What options or factors can I enroll for Okta?  
  3. Once you’ve successfully enrolled your factors, click Finish and follow the on-screen prompt to complete your account enrollment.

Once you've successfully enrolled in Okta, you won't have to take any further action until the Okta go-live—currently scheduled for July 29. You will continue to use the current process for two step login until that time. Watch for more details as go-live weekend approaches.

Detailed instructions for enrolling in Okta


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