Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Combining disparate information to give a more complete view of the University's relationship with our constituents

crmND (Salesforce)

Enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) helps you to optimize interactions with the people you care most about, and, thus, the relationships between the University and all constituents.  CRM services help the University, in the collective sense, stay aware of all relationships and interactions between constituents and all departments and teams at Notre Dame.  This awareness requires that those teams have access to information about constituents.  While many people and departments at Notre Dame may be stakeholders in creating a successful relationship, ultimately, that relationship is between the constituent and the University -- not exclusively with any individual element of the University.  To facilitate this awareness, Notre Dame has invested in 'crmND.' A campus-wide constituent relationship management (CRM) platform (tools and processes), crmND will enable Notre Dame to manage relationships from a single service that facilitates internal collaboration through a unified view of someone's Notre Dame relationships throughout their lifetime.

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Slate is the preferred service to manage relationships with prospective students that are working with the various admissions offices on campus.  For more information about Slate, please contact the OIT Help Desk.