Enterprise Content Management

Notre Dame's enterprise content management (ECM) service addresses the entire lifecycle of a content – capture, process, retrieve, manage and archive by utilizing a combination of process engineering solutions as well as technology solutions.  ECM is also known as digital document management.  

The ECM solutions, currently deployed at Notre Dame, span both the vertical (e.g. Students – advising, financial aid, admissions, athletics) and the horizontal functions (e.g. HR, Finance, Legal, Operations). The key components of these solutions include:

  • Scanning and indexing documents
  • Bulk uploading/ingesting content and documents
  • Searching and Retrieving content and documents
  • Integrating with external systems (e.g. Banner, SAKAI, Slate, Tableau, Salesforce)
  • Managing cases as well as content and document centric processes
  • Archiving content and documents based on established retention policies and procedures
  • Securing content and documents and processes via a robust security framework
  • Collecting rich audit trail
  • Supporting eDiscovery requests

Onbase as the primary technology platform to support Notre Dame’s ECM initiatives.

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