Email & Calendaring

The University of Notre Dame assigns email accounts to students, faculty, and staff when they become part of the Notre Dame community.

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Gmail is the official email system for the University of Notre Dame. Each account has unlimited quota, works on any device, includes powerful mail search tools, and integrates with other G Suite tools including Google Calendar and Google Drive.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the official calendaring system for the University of Notre Dame. The online calendar tool that allows you to coordinate meetings, schedule events, and share your calendar with others.

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Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) is an add-on for Google that allows you send emails from your Gmail account which are customized with dynamic content from Google Sheets. The premium account features are free for University of Notre Dame email accounts.

  • You can personalize your messages with dynamic content (“Dear Julie,”)
  • Track email open rates
  • Send email notifications from Google Forms with the content you want from the Google Sheet
  • Note: You are limited to 1,500 email recipients per day per mailing account.
  • Training classes are available at least twice a semester.  Search Endeavor for availability.

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Google Groups

Groups is a list management and email delivery system that integrates with Google Calendar and Google Drive. Google Groups email addresses always include "[Google Group Name]"

  • Email distribution list and with all the usual features
  • Invite a Google Group to an event in Google Calendar and it invites everyone
  • Share a folder or document with a Google Group and everyone has access
  • When people join or leave a Group, they automatically gain or lose access to the meetings in Google Calendar and folders in Google Drive

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Emma (Mass Email)

Emma is the preferred email marketing platform for campus units.

  • Professional design capabilities
  • Your message looks great on all mobile devices and computers
  • Personalize your messages with dynamic content ("Dear Julie,")
  • Schedule emails ahead of time and send whenever you like
  • You receive analytics including who read your message and what links they clicked
  • Special University pricing

Note: Emails from any email marketing service (including Emma) usually go to the "Promotions" tab in Gmail.

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Collaborative Inbox

A Collaborative Inbox is an administratively created Google Group that allows authorized individuals to send and receive email as the email address. A Collaborative Inbox is the preferred method for departments or groups to share an email address.

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