Event & Space Management

Many teams and divisions host events or manage spaces on campus, so the OIT offers the following IT solutions that integrate with other Notre Dame systems and services to help them. 

ND Forum 2018

Room/space information and reservations
  • EMS
  • EBMS / Ungerboeck

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Event Management Program

The Event Management Program will develop the processes and tools that enable the University to provide premier events that showcase Notre Dame while being good stewards of University resources.  

The program is a collection of approximately 15 projects that focus on event scheduling, event registration and integration with service tools, e.g., Event Master, Lenel, AIM, and time tracking tools.  It is an effort led by the Event Management division in conjunction with the OIT. Representatives from many campus areas, including the Registrar, are guiding the program development. The program began in the Spring of 2018 and is expected to end in 2022. 

Having teams use common processes and tools to manage events will provide these campus-wide benefits:

  • Maximize event space utilization
  • Improve event execution and reduce operating costs
  • Optimize guest experience
  • enhance campus safety

EMS Regional Conference

Program Status Update

Other Program Information

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