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Keeping your computer and your data secure requires a variety of tools and habits. We provide several services to help keep you and the University protected online. 

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Antivirus & Antispyware

Notre Dame provides Malwarebytes antivirus and FireEye endpoint protection software for University-owned systems. Students, faculty, and staff using personally-owned systems should obtain antivirus software for their systems. More information is available in Personal Device Security Guidelines.

Antivirus for University-Owned Windows Systems

Antivirus for University-Owned Macintosh Systems

Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)

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Spirion is a software application dedicated to the prevention of data leakage. Spirion automatically locates social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, driver's licenses, dates of birth, and other private data that can be used to commit identity fraud. The product searches within files, emails, browsers and other systems areas where people might not even realize their computer stored their details. Beyond identification, the technology helps securely shred or encrypt information.

More Information About Spirion

Encryption at Notre Dame

Encryption protects data from unauthorized disclosure by encoding it with a password. You should always encrypt sensitive data when there is the risk that it will be lost or stolen. The University Data Handling Standards require the use of encryption for the storage or transmission of all highly sensitive information. The OIT strongly recommends the use of encryption for other sensitive information.

Notre Dame provides three options for faculty and staff seeking to encrypt data: encrypting with Microsoft Office, encrypting with special software that encrypts individual files, and software that encrypts your entire computer. The first two options are acceptable for transmitting highly sensitive information via email.

More Information About Encryption

Secure Mail

Secure Mail helps ensure encryption of highly sensitive information sent via email. Access to this service is provided to staff and faculty in departments who regularly deal with highly sensitive information.  If you have a business need to send highly sensitive information and have not been enrolled in this service, please send email to to request access.

More Information About Secure Mail

Security Standards

The University, through the Office of the CIO, has adopted security configuration standards for network-connected devices. This is a vital step in establishing a secure computing environment, and the Office of Information Technologies recommends applying these standards to all University devices and systems.

The OIT developed these standards in cooperation with IT professionals from academic and business units throughout the University, and the University Security Working Group reviewed the standards. They are based on industry standards, such as those developed by the Center for Internet Security. 

Technology Policies and Standards

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