ChemOffice Professional

ChemOffice Professional 15 includes the following chemistry and biology components:

  • Autodock Interface
  • BioDraw
  • BioViz
  • Chem3D
  • ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro 15
  • ChemDraw for Excel
  • ChemDraw Professional
  • ChemFinder for Office
  • ChemFinder Ultra
  • ChemNMR
  • ChemScript
  • CombiChem for Excel
  • CONFLEX Interface
  • GAMESS and GAMESS Interface
  • Gaussian Interface
  • MOPAC2012 Interface for Chem3D 15
  • Struct=Name



Notre Dame has an annual ChemOffice Professional site license, which expires on 6/30 each year.

ChemOffice Professional is licensed for use ONLY in the following conditions:

  • Only current Notre Dame faculty, staff, or students may download and use this software.
  • This software may be installed on personally-owned computers as well as computers that are owned by the University of Notre Dame.
  • When you are no longer associated with Notre Dame you must uninstall this software.
  • You are not allowed to copy, distribute, or reverse engineer this software.
  • This software is the copyrighted property of Cambridgesoft.


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