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Notre Dame's MATLAB TAH (Total Academic Headcount) license includes the full suite.



MATLAB and its components are licensed for use ONLY in the following conditions:

  • Only current Notre Dame faculty, staff, or students may download this title.
  • This software may be installed on personally-owned computers, as well as on computers that are owned by the University of Notre Dame.
  • You are not allowed to copy, distribute, or reverse engineer this software.
  • This software is the copyrighted property of MathWorks.

In additional to individual licenses which can be downloaded, Notre Dame has concurrent licenses available for installation on imaged computers in student computing labs. Please contact OITSoftware for more information.

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NOTE: The 2018-2019 MATLAB TAH (total academic headcount) license has been renewed. If you're getting an expiration warning message on your installation of MATLAB, take the following steps to renew the license:

1) Start MATLAB (you'll see the Activate MathWorks Software dialog box)

2) On the Help Menu, choose Licensing, then choose Update current licenses

3) When the Update License Files dialog window appears, select Update

4) When asked if you're sure, select Yes

5) When MATLAB reports the most current license file has been copied, select OK

6) When MATLAB says the license has been updated and MATLAB must be restarted, close MATLAB and restart it (and no expiration message should appear)

If this update doesn’t work, make sure you run MATLAB as an administrator (by right-clicking the MATLAB icon and selecting Run As Administrator). Even if you’re already logged into an account with admin privileges, running it as administrator may be required to write to the license file.

If you have a version earlier than R2008a, you will not be able to renew that version.