Make the Case for Taste of Technology

Interested in attending Taste of Technology, but need to demonstrate its value to your manager or supervisor? Here are some talking points to help make your case:

You can choose from fifteen 35-minute sessions on topics directly related to the technology that you use every day here at Notre Dame. 

  • Sessions are Notre Dame specific and developed by our own OIT staff to reflect the kind of technology we support and have found to be most valuable to others on campus.
  • No matter your experience level, you will learn something at Taste of Technology. Every session is designed to be easy to follow but also include tricks and insights that even experienced technology users may not know.

There was an excellent mix of topics and skill levels.  Even sessions on topics I was already familiar with included great new information and updates.

  • Taste of Technology is free to attend and located right on campus. You can develop your technical skills without the expense of travel, food, and sleeping arrangements of a third-party conference.
  • What you’ll learn at Taste of Technology can be included as part of your professional development on your performance evaluation without a large time commitment.
  • You can take what you’ve learned at Taste of Technology and immediately share it with your manager and coworkers. You will be given access to supplemental materials that will help you share your new know-how.