Instructor-Led Classes
Online Classes
Special Requests
Use of Training Labs

The OIT offers technical training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students through a variety of training options. For more information contact the Training office by phone (574) 631-7227 or via email at

Instructor-Led Classes

OIT offers a wide range of instructor-led training classes. The current schedule of classes can be found in the Discover IT schedule.

Most of these classes are now free to faculty, staff and students; those classes with an outside cost (on-call instructor or special materials) will continue to have a charge attached to them. Because our classes are often in demand, we are also instituting a Late Cancellation/No-Show policy. Registrants who do not attend a scheduled class or who cancel the enrollment fewer than three business days in advance will incur a $100 charge.

You can find the current schedule of classes in the calendar below. You can use the links in this calendar to add a class to your Google calendar, but you must go to to register for the class.

Class Registration in eNDeavor

To register for an offering, login to eNDeavor with your NetID and password and select Catalog from the Learning menu. The eNDeavor Quick Start Guide below has step-by-step instructions for registration and cancellation functions.

eNDeavor Quick Start Guide (pdf file)

Reference Documentation

The OIT provides Quick Reference Guides for some commonly used applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Box, as well as some productivity applications like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and some select Microsoft Word and Excel functions.

Online Classes

The OIT has a limited number of premium licenses for the online training site. These licenses, available for $12 each, provide access to the site until June 30, 2017. They are individual licenses (i.e., to be used by one person only and not to be shared within a department), and give access to all of the 4500+ courses on the training site as well as access to the accompanying exercise files.

To see the courses available, go to You can arrange for a license or receive further information here.

Special Request Training

In addition to our scheduled instructor-led classes, OIT Training also provides special request training options. There may be a charge associated with special request training. This training includes:

  • One-on-one and small group technology instruction
  • Guest instruction in faculty classrooms when students need technology training
  • Other alternatives designed to meet your teaching and learning or administrative needs

Contact the Training office by phone at (574) 631-7227 or email at

Campus Use of OIT Training Labs

Two labs are available on a limited basis to Notre Dame groups for training activities in which the OIT is not directly involved. See the Campus Use of OIT Training Labs page for information about reserving and using these labs.