Campus Use of OIT Training Labs

Two labs are available on a limited basis to Notre Dame groups for training activities in which the OIT is not directly involved.

·        IT Center B001: 16 student computers and an instructor lectern computer with projection; laptop projection capability; the lab also has a speaker phone for use in webinars

·        IT Center B003: 8 student computers and an instructor lectern computer with projection; laptop projection capability



Online Registration

Lab Image

Special Lab/Computer Configurations

Course Materials



Food and Drinks in Lab


To reserve the facility:

Contact the Training Office at (574) 631-7227 or via email to You may also schedule time to test the lab to make sure it suits your needs (especially if configuration changes are made for you), and time for your instructor to become familiar with the lab.

Online Registration:
If you wish to have your event listed in eNDeavor to allow for online registration, you will need to contact the Training Office at (574) 631-7227 or via email to at least three weeks prior to your event.

Lab Image:

The computers in both labs contain Office 2013 and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. All machines have the Windows 7 operating system.

Special Configurations:

If special lab and/or computer configurations are needed for your event (i.e., installing new software or equipment), these must be arranged in advance by the Training Office. You are responsible for ensuring that the machines are configured to meet your needs and have been tested in advance of the class.

Course Materials:

You are responsible for providing the course materials for your students. The Training Office can make copies of existing OIT documents for you with a minimum of a week's notice. You will be responsible for any copying charges.


The projectors in the labs are controlled by a podium touch-panel (IT Center B001) or a Crestron box (IT Center B003). Please be sure to turn the projection off when you are done.


If you need to cancel a lab reservation, please notify the Training Office at least two business days in advance of your scheduled event so the lab can be made available for others. Charges for course material preparation and configuration adjustments made for your event may still be applicable.

Food and drinks in lab:

Food is not permitted in the lab, though drinks may be brought in at your discretion. However, you are responsible for any damage incurred from spillage. Coffee and tea are available near the training labs. Smoking is not permitted in any University of Notre Dame facility.

You are responsible for:

Before class:

·        Providing an instructor.

·        Compiling course materials, unless otherwise arranged.

·        Notifying your attendees of the time and location of your event.

·        Testing the systems in advance to verify that they meet the needs of your event.

·        Ensuring that your instructor is familiar with the lab and its setup.

During class:

·        Arriving sufficiently in advance of your event to ensure that the environment is set up for your use.

·        Helping the attendees log into the machines with their NetIDs and passwords, and instructing them to log off at the end of class.

·        If necessary, recording attendance in eNDeavor so that the class appears in the attendees’ transcripts.

After class:

·        Turning off all projectors at the end of the event.

·        Removing any application or other configuration changes needed by your event, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

·        Returning all materials to appropriate storage or discarding them.

·        Restoring the room to its original condition (erase white board, push chairs in, ensure that students log off computers).

·        Vacating all facilities no later than 5 p.m. so they can be appropriately secured by building staff, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

OIT's User Education and Transition group is responsible for:

·        Having the agreed-upon configuration changes made and the needed software installed prior to the event. Otherwise, having the lab in the default configuration with the default software available.

·        Providing support for the machines and software on the current lab image during class.

·        Unlocking the lab when you arrive.

·        Locking the lab when you leave.

For further information, please contact the Training office at (574) 631-7227 or via email to