Online Classes Licenses

The OIT Training and Transitions has a limited number of premium licenses that are available for individuals and groups around campus at $12 each; these licenses will expire around June 30, 2017.

Some facts about

  • There are over 4500 different courses available in everything from PowerPoint to Python to Podcasting.
  • The courses are taught by experts in their field.
  • Each course is divided into short modules of about 5-8 minutes each.
  • These licenses come with access to exercise files.

Some facts about this purchase:

  • Groups buying 10 or more licenses will be able to have a sub-administrator to manage their licenses and run reports.
  • Faculty can arrange for students in certain classes to have access.
  • These licenses are for individuals only, meaning your group cannot share one license between multiple people. Everyone needs their own license.
  • These licenses are only for ND-affiliates (anyone with a NetID). Faculty, staff and students are eligible as well as retirees, but not spouses or children.
  • We prefer a FOAPAL in payment, but we will take cash or a check. We cannot take credit cards.

To order a license or multiple licenses, contact the training office at 631-7227 or

As you may know, the St. Joseph County Public Library has a small allotment of concurrent licenses available to library card holders. While many people on campus may be eligible for this, the library is concerned that they will run out of licenses for their other patrons if large numbers of ND people rely on the SJCPL licenses to improve their work skills or if students are assigned lynda classes for their academic work. This purchase opportunity allows us to be good community partners.

If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Technical Training office at 631-7227 or