WebFile Retirement


The webfile.nd.edu application will be retired on Friday, June 30, 2017. Please switch to an alternative connection method or consider one of the unlimited storage options such as Box or Google Drive.

Alternatives to WebFile

For security purposes, these methods require a VPN connection when accessing from off-campus.

What is WebFile and why is it being retired?

WebFile is a web-based utility to access NetFile and AFS storage space. The WebFile software was created by OIT staff in 2004 to help individuals migrate data between AFS and NetFile. The software is no longer maintainable and does not meet the evolving security standards used to protect your information. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that allow you to access your NetFile or AFS space.

Only the WebFile application will be discontinued on Friday, June 30, 2017. Files in your NetFile and AFS spaces are not affected by this. 

Though the WebFile application is being retired, SFTP clients can still use webfile.nd.edu to connect to the file server.

Do you need web-based access to your storage?

OIT provides several platforms with unlimited storage, excellent features to collaboration and editing, mobile apps to access and edit your content, and support for nearly any data you want to store there (anything except data classified as highly-sensitive information).

Competitive Features Box.nd.edu
Default storage space Unlimited Unlimited
Allows group folders (not owned by single person) Yes No
Share files with users outside of ND Yes Yes
Real-time collaboration and editing Partial
Include students Yes Yes
Preview documents online Yes Yes
Sync with Mac and Windows Yes Yes
Share files with other users Yes Yes
Access from mobile device Yes Yes
Limit permissions Yes Yes
File versioning Yes Yes

Learn more about Box, Google Drive, and other collaboration and storage options