Graduating? Take Steps to Keep & Manage Access to Important Files

Author: Lenette Votava

Reminders for Graduating Students

As you prepare for your graduation, be sure to follow these tips around access to important documents, files, and resources.

Your Notre Dame NetID will be deactivated 60 days after you graduate. This means you will no longer have access to online content you created unless you move those resources to a personal account. Additionally, any files you shared will no longer be accessible to your collaborators unless you move them to a shared drive.

What You Can Do

Review and relocate online content before July 2024. This includes research, files, project work, and emails you created as a student. Then determine what you want to save for yourself and others in these applications:

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Adobe
  • MS Office
  • Box

Move content you want to save for yourself to a personal account. For shared files, move them to Google Shared drives or a Box Group account so your collaborators can continue to access them.

Sign up for myNotreDame. Activate your myNotreDame account through the Alumni Association, and update your contact information to stay in touch with Notre Dame after graduation.

myNotreDame is your Alumni one-stop-shop that provides access to the Alumni Directory, NDAA events and activities, and access to the Notre Dame Clubs and Groups from around the world.

Access to online services using your ND email address. Did you use your student email address to register for websites or other online services (social media, your bank, Apple ID, PayPal etc.)? If so, access those accounts before your student email address expires and update your account with your alumni email address or another personal email address.

Transition your 1Password account. Follow these steps before your NetID is deactivated so you don’t lose access to the information you saved in your 1Password account.

  • Login to your family account and update your billing information to activate a paid family membership
  • If you have saved any personal information in your Notre Dame individual account, transfer those personal passwords into your family account.

More information on the cost of a family account is available on the 1Password website.

Remove licensed software from your computer. This includes software that was available to you as a student for academic use only. This software will no longer work once your student NetID is deactivated.

You can find instructions and additional information about what to do before your student NetID is deactivated at