IT Insights is the intranet for the technology community at Notre Dame. (NetID login required)

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the central division that supports enterprise-wide computing across the University. With everything from on-campus computer labs to the ND Mobile app, OIT has you covered with the study and work tools you need. Led by Chief Information Officer Jane Livingston, OIT provides high-quality, reliable IT services to Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates.

OIT strives to support the Notre Dame mission through a wide range of services and partnerships across the University. To see which tools are recommended and supported at Notre Dame, view the full services list. For information on planned service outages, view the OIT Maintenance Calendar.


We serve as Notre Dame’s trusted technology partner to deliver reliable, efficient, and secure technology and expertise that enables the University to achieve its mission. 


We empower students, faculty, and staff with intuitive technology experiences that amplify their ability to reach the University's aspirations and their own goals.



  1. Jane Livingston

    Jane Livingston

    Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

  2. Lauger Square

    Leilani Lauger

    Chief Information Security Officer

  3. Katie Rose

    Katie Rose

    Assistant Vice President for IT Strategic Excellence and Engagement

  4. Tracy Weber

    Tracy Weber

    Assistant Vice President for Community IT Experience

  5. Matt Anderson Square

    Matthew Anderson

    Senior Director, IT Financial Operations

  6. Buysse Square

    John Buysse

    Senior Director, University Network & Telephony Services

  7. Kirner Square

    Scott Kirner

    Senior Director, University Enabling Technology Services

  8. Skendzel Square

    Daniel Skendzel

    Assistant Vice President, Academic and Community Technology Experience

  9. Csouffro Nd

    Charlotte Souffront Garcia

    Sr Dir IT Strategy&Operations, Office of Chief Information Officer