ND IT Stewardship

"Becoming the Notre Dame the world needs will require the University to become better at thinking as an institution."
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Notre Dame 2033: A Strategic Framework

ND IT Stewardship ensures that spending on IT-related projects aligns with the strategic goals of the university. This is accomplished through a committee structure that accounts for projects across the university at various budget, complexity, and risk levels.

Committee Structure and Focus Areas

IT Stewardship committee structure

IT Executive Committee

Executive oversight of portfolios and investment in University-wide IT strategy

Information Governance

University information and protecting data integrity and confidentiality


University operations and business services

Student & Academic

Teaching, learning, and student academic experience

Community Experience

University-wide services

Research Technology

Technology that enables research activities

Security, Risk, & Compliance

Information security standards and best practices

Technology Advisory Group

Maintenance, Upgrades, and Renewal (MUR), service delivery, enhancements, and customer care for currently committed services

University Committee on Academic Technologies (UCAT)

The University Council for Academic Technologies considers policies, practices, and procedures related to University computing and information services. The Council provides a forum for collaboration between faculty, students, and the OIT to identify new applications of technology that will enhance teaching, learning, and research.

Why is IT Stewardship important for Notre Dame?

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Campus-wide coordination helps to create a strategic technology roadmap that aligns IT investments with the University aspirations

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Cyber security is consistently supported by clear standards, policies, or escalation thresholds, reducing threats to Notre Dame's data and reputation.

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IT work is prioritized strategically, resulting in transparent priorities for the community and improved customer service.

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Increased visibility and planning reduce duplicate efforts and improve interoperability of systems and data.

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Clear priorities, visible priorities, and consolidated funding ensure that finite technical resources are assigned or acquired to meet priorities.