Sharpen Your Skills with OIT Training Classes

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

OIT Training Classes

As this year comes to an end, take time to sharpen your skills with popular computer applications and tools. Add a skill to use in your job to enhance your performance. Or choose a class to help you find a way to improve a process. OIT training classes have something for everyone.

How about this: Any class you register for can be used as one of professional development goals in Endeavor. Here’s a look at the OIT training classes in November and December:

  • Publications & Design

    • Adobe InDesign: From posters to newsletters, learn basic document layout and design 
    • Adobe Rush: Create and edit amazing videos easily 
    • Adobe Photoshop: Become proficient in using digital photos 
  • Forms & Surveys

    • Qualtrics Forms: Enhance your data collection skills
  • Collaboration Tools

    • Google Drive: Learn how to use Google Drive more efficiently and effectively
    • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides: Enhance your skills in these productivity apps
  • ND Resources

    • Tableau: Reach for the next level of data visualization and analytics
    • Training is also available on internal Notre Dame apps and resources including Data Governance, dataND, buyND, GLez, travelND and AiM

There are other OIT quick sessions when you don’t have much time for training. Try these new 30-minute Time-Out for Tech or hour-long Lunch & Learn sessions.

  • Time-Out for Tech: Create Progress Bars in Google Sheets: Learn to create progress bars for dashboards and reports
  • Time-Out for Tech: COVID 19 Scams: Learns about the new scams out there and how to avoid them
  • Time-Out for Tech: Holiday Text in InDesign: Learn to add a holiday theme to text in InDesign
  • OIT Lunch & Learn: Using Mail Merge to Print Holiday Mailing Labels: Print your holiday labels using the Mail Merge feature in MS Word

Registration for all classes EXCEPT Time-Out for Tech sessions is available at: You can find a calendar of fall classes plus information about Time-Out for Tech sessions at: Not sure if a class is right for you? Feel free to contact 574-631-7227 or