Software Requests at Notre Dame

Author: Cassie McCan

Software Image

Departments across Notre Dame utilize a variety of software products on a daily basis. From project management and statistical analysis to graphics editing, different types of software are purchased to help meet the goals of faculty, staff and students.

If you need software to meet specific job or classroom objectives, we can help you. This process can alert you on already approved, and possibly free, software products that meet your needs. If new software needs to be evaluated, this process helps to ensure the security and legitimacy of the software.

To request new software, contact your departmental IT support staff or contact the OIT Help Desk to get the process started.

Beware of downloading free or discounted software from illegitimate sources as they may be illegally produced. Though acquiring software from the Internet may be convenient to access or heavily discounted, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Downloading software outside of the approved process comes with risks to be aware of:

  • Any software that is illegally produced and distributed can result in penalties or fines for usage.
  • Unauthentic copies of software may be manipulated and provide a means to infect your computer with malware.
  • License agreements can be complicated. Without proper vetting, you could accidentally agree to conditions that may put University data at risk.

Though Notre Dame does not provide technical support for all licensed software applications, the OIT Help Desk can assist with providing guidance on where to find appropriate support for authentic software that is properly procured.

More information about the software licensing process and what software is licensed at Notre Dame is available in this knowledge article.