Technologies or Technology: What’s in a name?

Author: Chas Grundy

Oit Booth At Irish Health Fair
OIT booth at the Irish Health Fair

Effective immediately, the OIT is being renamed Office of Information Technology.

Since its renaming from University Computing in the 1990s, OIT has stood for Office of Information Technologies. However, it is much more common for people to assume this stands for Office of Information Technology. Our experience and research show that the singular technology is much more popular. Even the name of the OIT office building is the Information Technology Center.

Many OIT employees have experienced this confusion when joining Notre Dame, using the incorrect version in email signatures and other communications. Don’t forget to update your email signature!

While the OIT makes this change gradually, there is no plan to update vehicle wraps or business cards at this time. Those will be updated as they naturally come up for maintenance or replacement.

Originally published by Chas Grundy at on January 24, 2024.