Strategic Aspirations

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The Office of Information Technology serves the mission of the University in many ways. In collaboration with partners and IT staff across the University, we have identified the following strategic aspirations and priorities:

Make ND IT a Workplace of Choice

In order to amplify, expand, and support Notre Dame’s needs for digital transformation and to maintain existing IT solutions, OIT needs to establish a comprehensive framework that supports the continued growth of our workforce.  Within the current dynamic and extraordinary context, it is crucial that OIT acquire, develop, grow, and retain a diverse and highly-skilled workforce that will support Notre Dame’s aspirations in the coming decades.

Connect, Partner, and Unite

Foster a culture of shared partnership and planning to better steward IT investments. Strengthening relationships with leaders of every division and building trust among all distributed IT and central IT will propel the University to better leverage current IT investments, prepare for those that are needed in the future, and prioritize efforts that will deliver the most value to Notre Dame.

Empower Students, the Academy, and Research

Strengthen strategic partnerships to implement and enrich technologies in service to research, teaching/learning and the student experience that allows partners to better fulfill their mission-centric goals. By allowing researchers, instructors and students to focus on their work, and not IT, we empower our partners to innovate and think beyond the present moment to the possibilities of the future.

Fortify Our Security and Compliance

Increasing security threats and compliance requirements require Notre Dame to continue to invest resources to appropriately protect the University, researchers, systems, and data. We must evolve security and compliance processes to use a risk-based, resilient framework that protects the Notre Dame community and enables the University's mission in research and education.

Architect Human-Centered Digital Experiences

Modern consumer technologies have established a new baseline of superior user experience, intuitive design, and strong customer support. Notre Dame must adapt to meet these high expectations by orienting around user-centered design since technology has become an integral component of every University initiative. We must create technology ecosystems that put people at the center. Similar to how we plan for the physical University infrastructure such as buildings and sidewalks, we must architect a virtual campus of modern technology ecosystems that support Notre Dame’s future.