About Cybersecurity

Mission and Vision

The mission of the University of Notre Dame information security department is to advance the University’s mission by protecting its digital assets, activities, and reputation.

We aspire to advance a resilient, secure infrastructure and a culture of security awareness and action that empowers teaching, scholarship, and research at Notre Dame.


In order to achieve our mission and realize our vision, we use a risk-based approach to:

  • Identify and prioritize security risks and mitigate them in collaboration with University departments and leadership
  • Protect digital assets, activities, and reputation through consistent processes, policies, and communication
  • Detect vulnerabilities and malicious activity through robust network and system monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Respond to security breaches to contain the incident and improve protocols
  • Recover from incidents by developing and implementing appropriate activities to restore operations and maintain plans for resilience


  • Risk Management and Governance
    • Risk assessments
    • Vendor risk management
    • Policy and standards development
    • Risk register
  • Security Operations
    • Threat protection and monitoring
    • Incident response
    • Security awareness and training
    • Vulnerability management
    • Application vulnerability scanning
    • Penetration testing
    • Phishing
    • SSL Certs
  • Security Consulting
    • Research security and compliance
    • New system design and implementation