Data Loss Prevention

The Information Security team uses Google Workspace scanning for a variety of data types in order to keep the University’s data secure against accidental disclosure, data loss, and external malicious actors. 

The Information Security team has established a domain wide risk baseline, looking for business processes that handle Highly Sensitive Information (HSI) in Google Drive outside of the approved and documented system. If a file has 20 Social Security numbers, 5 driver’s license numbers, or 5 credit card numbers, it is automatically blocked from sharing outside of the domain and Information Security is alerted. The file owner is notified and Information Security auto-deletes the files in question with consent from the file owner. If the files need to be maintained, Information Security will assist with migrating them to an approved storage location.

This baseline policy also applies to Google Chat and email messages. Any in-transit email that meets these thresholds and is not sent through our Virtu Email Security system is bounced. 

In addition to Google Workspace, the same baseline policy is also applied to SharePoint, Onedrive, and Teams.