Password Security

Protecting access to data and technology on campus starts with the strength, integrity, and confidentiality of your passwords.

This strong password standard describes the University's requirements for acceptable password selection and use. Its purpose is to reduce overall risk to the institution and its users by encouraging good password selection and password best practices. 

Keeping cybersecurity at the forefront, OIT is excited to announce 1Password, a tool that remembers your passwords so you don't have to. Notre Dame is providing 1Password to students, faculty, and staff at no cost using your Notre Dame netID.

Not sure about using a password manager?

1Password provides you with a secure and private account that lets you be in control of your passwords. The 1Password Watchtower continuously monitors your accounts to alert you immediately if there are any security breaches with the information you have saved within your account.

Here is how it works:

  • You only have to remember one password- or use your biometrics
  • Use 1Password in your browser to automatically fill in usernames, passwords, and forms
  • Create strong passwords using 1Password's password generator

Additional details about 1Password and how to register your account are available in this knowledge article.

Does the Notre Dame community really use 1Password?

Yes! Since the start of our rollout in May 2023, we have over 1,000 new users to 1Password. Join your fellow Fighting Irish, and get signed up today.

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Getting Started

Register today! Log into Okta to start enrollment. From your Okta dashboard, click the "Sign up for 1Password" tile, typically located in the bottom right corner. Follow the promoted instructions.

For faculty and staff, in addition to the personal account, you will also have access to a family account that allows you to securely share and save passwords with family members. The family account will also be available at no cost.

Please note that the OIT or any other department will never ask for your password for any purpose.