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Spring Ahead with OIT Training Classes in March

Author: Anne Kolaczyk

Sharpen your skills with popular computer applications and tools. Here’s your chance to spring ahead by enhancing your technical skills with these OIT training classes in March:

  • Document Design, Image Creation & Manipulation
    • From creating posters and images to modifying photos and images, learn how these Adobe Creative Cloud apps can help elevate your skills:

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Tips to Avoid Tax Fraud

Author: Kolin Hodgson

Tax season is upon us. It can be quite a chore to gather the appropriate information to file a 2019 tax return by the April 15 deadline. But you might want to file early and be on guard for tax time fraud scams.

To protect yourself against tax fraud, you may want to consider filing your taxes sooner than later. If you do, you beat scammers who are submitting phony returns and you buy yourself time to resolve any potential issues with the IRS.

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