Google First Wizarding College

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"Wizard school was great! I enjoyed the storylines, the "magic", and the lessons.  I would definitely participate in additional lessons.  I looked forward to a new wizard school lesson every two weeks! Thank you!"


The Google First Wizarding College is Notre Dame’s campaign to promote Google’s productivity tools (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Chat) to help Notre Dame work smarter, smoother, and safer in our increasingly hybrid environment. Players complete a series of magical assignments and tasks that introduce various Google productivity tools and features. Each level consists of a map with various tasks and includes a short exam.

In June 2022, the team redesigned the program to make it available to the public. Anyone with a Google account can participate. Explore the map and assignments to find additional secrets, easter eggs, and fun. Complete all seven levels to graduate from Google First Wizarding College!

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Key Stats

At the time of wizarding graduation (May 2022), there were:

  • 502 wizards enrolled
  • 308 graduates (completed all 7 levels)
  • 8.77 rating (out of 10) on Would you recommend to a friend or colleague?
  • 7.11 rating (out of 10) on How much did you learn?

About the Project

The Google First Wizarding College was designed and created by the University of Notre Dame Office of Information Technology. Characters and artwork created by Casey Kiel. For more information about the program, contact the ND Google First team.