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They’re learning how to scam. You’re learning how to NOT fall for it.

Scam School is in session! You get to be a fly on the wall as scammers learn how to get you to click their links, call their numbers, and fall for their scams.

Here is your opportunity to brush up on the latest scams, how they work, and how you can stay scam aware. Don't be the next victim of an online scam!

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Job Scams

Scam School: Student Job Scams

Scammers make money by duping unsuspecting students! But their scam attempts are far from perfect. See where they’re messing up so you don’t fall for it.

MFA Fatigue

Scam School: Is This You? Relentless Authentication

They have a username and password, and will relentlessly send you requests to authenticate until you hit accept. This video shows you the only safe way to stop this scam.

Fake Receipt Scams

Scam School: Fake Receipt, Real Scam

Sending out fake receipts has proven lucrative for the scammers. Their messages look like they are legit, and people fall for it. How making your own call, will save you from this scam.

Impersonation Scams thumbnail

Scam School: It's the Impersonations That Get You

A scammer’s goal is to get you to believe they are someone you should trust. See their most successful tactics.

Extortion Scams thumbnail

Scam School: Faking an Extortion

Scammers play on fear. They might try to make you think they have something over you, when in reality they probably don’t. Learn what you should do if a scammer claims to have your sensitive information.

Tech Support Scams thumbnail

Scam School: Critical Device Warning!!

Scammers send you an email that something is wrong with your computer, tablet, or phone. They really want in your device. Learn how to spot tech support scams and keep scammers out.


Scam School was written and produced by the Office of Information Technology at the University of Notre Dame.