Password Ring Toss

Toss rings at the all-too-common password components and try to land one or more rings on items such as a pet’s name or a birthday or graduation year.

Cover the Hotspot

Toss discs with key security practices to try and cover the hotspot. The more you use, the better your chances of protecting your home network and personal devices!

Go Phish!

Can you spot the indicators of a phishing email? Every correct indicator found earns a chance to toss a ball into a set of fish bowls and win a prize.

Slam the Spam

Answer security trivia questions to earn throws and the chance to knock down the stack of Spam® cans.

The Key to Cybersecurity

A locked birdcage contains a prize. Fish for a key using a fishing pole with a magnet on the end. If your key opens the lock, you win the prize!

Cybersecurity Strongman

Of the three passwords shown on the screen, which one is strongest? Press the button to choose which password would take the longest time to crack. Play Now

Password Poetry

Use magnet tiles with various words and components to build strong passwords that meet a random challenge.

Always a Winner!

Spot the hidden card to win an amazon gift card!!!!1