Conquer Your Clutter

Lose Clutter and Level Up Your Productivity!

Conquer Your Clutter


Similar to a physical mess at home, having too much digital clutter can be overwhelming. Disorganized digital clutter can also make it hard to find files and documents, causing stress and anxiety. The OIT Smart Storage program has developed the Conquer Your Clutter Challenge to help you in these efforts.


The Conquer Your Clutter challenge is designed to help you clean up and organize your digital workspace—which in turn will help Notre Dame reduce its digital footprint, reduce carbon usage, and ultimately help you become more productive.

By enrolling in this program, you will receive one tip a week over the next two months on keeping your online workspace organized and uncluttered. Students and staff who subscribe will be entered into a drawing to win prizes!

Watch for these weekly tips on “Tidy Up” Tuesday. Each tip takes about 30 minutes or less. They will provide advice with quick and easy ways to help you tidy up your storage space by removing files you no longer need or use.


Your participation helps Notre Dame maintain cost-effective, sustainable and secure storage solutions now and in the future.

This challenge was designed by the Office of Information Technologies as part of the Notre Dame Smart Storage program.

Productivity Tips

Tips will be published each week. Want to get them right away? Sign up to receive them by email on "Tidy Up" Tuesday!